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Year-Round Giving: The Follow Fundraiser

May 07, 2013

The Follow Fundraiser

Follow Fundraiser

A Follow Fundraiser is when you donate money to an organization or a cause per new follower on your social media platform. This fundraiser is a win-win because you gain followers and the organization/cause benefits from your donation. I have had 2 successful Follow Fundraisers. One for Wyatt's Wish and recently for Autism Speaks.

1. Pick a platform that counts followers such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, or Twitter.
2. Note your starting follower total.
3. Decide how long you are going to run the fundraiser.
4. Set a monetary goal. Ex. $1 per Follower.
5. Design an Image or Ad to display on your website and on your chosen media platform. You may want to publicize your goal and state your limitations such as: $1 per new follower up to $100.

Sample Image for Follow Fundraiser

6. Ask friends and encourage your current followers to share your Follower Fundraiser on their social media accounts.
7. Post about your fundraiser on all your social media platforms. Follow up with reminder posts.
8. Make sure your platform has content. No one wants to follow a twitter account that has only tweeted twice in the last 2 months.
9. Once you reach your end date for the fundraiser count the difference between your starting follower number and your ending follower number. The difference equals your donation.
10. Announce through your social media and website how much money your raised.
11. Thank your new and old followers for supporting the organization/cause.
12. Follow through and show your followers you really did donate.

My buddy +Holly McDonald does a monthly Follow Fundraiser. Head over to her website, Not Done Growing to participate in her fundraiser benefiting the Make A Wish Foundation.



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