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Year-Round Giving: Thanksgiving Traditions To Start

November 17, 2013

Thanksgiving Traditions To Start

Thanksgiving Traditions to Start #Thanksgiving

What I want from my family traditions are for my kids to look forward to them, cherish them, and carry them on when they have families of their own.

Are you looking to start a new Thanksgiving family tradition? Here are some ideas to get you well on your way to creating your very own Thanksgiving family traditions.

1.       Let the children play dress up. Have Indian Headdresses and Pilgrim hats available. Have the children pick if they want to be an Indian or Pilgrim (adults can participate too) and the children wear their costumes throughout dinner. 
2.       Have everyone write on a slip of paper what they are thankful for and put in a jar. At the end of dinner have 1 person read the slips aloud and everyone has to guess who wrote it.
3.       Select 2 family members and have them say what they wish. Examples could be: I wish for Dad to clean the kitchen. Give the Turkey wishbone to the selected family members and have them try to pull the bone apart. The one who has the bigger part of the bone is the winner and their wish will be granted.
4.       Place feathers in a vase with one feather marked as a winner. Each family member gets to pluck one feather.  Have a prize for the winner. This could be a gag gift, a pie, bottle of wine, whatever you want the prize to be.
5.       Once Thanksgiving is over we start to focus our attention on Christmas. If extended family or guests come to your home for Thanksgiving have everyone bring a wrapped Christmas ornament.  Place the wrapped ornaments on a side table by your entry way.  Once your Thanksgiving festivities come to a close have everyone take a wrapped ornament home or you can unwrap the ornaments together. This gives your family/guests a kick start to the next holiday. 

I would love to hear about your Thanksgiving traditions in the comments section below.


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