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Year-Round Giving: 5 Ideas for Donating Your Birthday to Charity

August 02, 2013

5 Ideas for Donating Your Birthday to Charity

Turn your birthday into your "givingday". In lieu of receiving gifts ask friends & family to give to charity. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. The Donate Table. At your party place your computer on what would be the "Gift Table". Have the charity's webpage pulled up so your guests can donate online while at the party. Theme your party after the charity by using the charity's colors. 

2. Birthday Card Fundraiser. Individuals send their donations to you in personal birthday cards. This is great for people who are attending a charity event like Race for a Cure. They can donate their birthday money on site at the charity event. This is also a good fundraiser to get friends and family that live out of town to get involved. Who doesn't love getting birthday cards in the mail?

3. Buy A Candle. Have candles that equal your age. Then price them to equal your goal.
Example: Age: 25, Candle price: $4.00, Goal: $100
Your guests will buy the candles to put on your cake to blow out. Let your guests also place the candles on your cake. If your guests get creative with their candle placements it can be entertaining to see you try to blow out all the candles in one breath.

4. For a child birthday have the guests bring toys for a donation. (recommended for children that are old enough to understand)

5. Charity Water147 Million Orphans Foundation, and other organizations have everything you need to start a birthday campaign. Check your favorite charity's website to see if they have a donate your birthday program.

Have a happy birthday by giving it away!

We would love to read your ideas in the comments section below.



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