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Year-Round Giving: How to get rid of Gnats Naturally

June 04, 2014

How to get rid of Gnats Naturally

how to get rid of gnats naturally

1. Natural Gnat Trap. Fill a clean jar with Apple Cider Vinegar. Place plastic wrap over the opening and poke holes in the plastic wrap. If needed use a rubber band to keep plastic wrap in place. Gnats are attracted to vinegar and will crawl through the holes becoming trapped.

2. Spiderwebs. As long as spiderwebs are not in your way or a poisonous spider isn't lurking around common areas leave them alone. Spiders are your little helpers in controlling the gnat population. Their webs catch hundreds of gnats.

3. Clean with Pine-sol. Ok, not exactly "natural" but it isn't a harsh chemical that poisons the ecosystem going on in your yard. You will need a trigger spray bottle, water, and 2 tablespoons of Pine-sol cleaner. Mix the water and Pine-sol together in your spray bottle and get to cleaning. Gnats and other insects do not like the smell of Pine-sol therefore it acts as a repellent.
Areas I clean with Pine-sol: front door, porch light fixture, sliding glass door, patio table, and porch banister.

Gnats breed in damp soggy areas so remedy your yard of these spots. If you are outside enjoying the weather have a fan going to keep the air moving.

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