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Year-Round Giving: Peachy Keen Cocktail

December 10, 2014

Peachy Keen Cocktail

Peachy Keen Cocktail - Super Girly Super Good!

This is one girly cocktail! Let's be honest any drink with grenadine in it is pretty girly. It is super sweet, refreshing, and packs a punch with dark rum that you can barely taste. Drinks with booze you can't taste
should come with a warning label. I bet after a few of these the next morning you could come up with some relevant warning labels like, WARNING: May cause you to text your Ex multiple times throughout the night. 

I made this drink over cracked ice but you can throw all the ingredients in a blender with ice for a frozen chiller. Another note, if you look in your grocery store's International Food section you should be able to find the peach nectar in a carton or sold in cans.

Peachy Keen

3 oz peach nectar
1.5 oz dark rum 
1 oz grenadine
1 oz fresh lemon juice
1 oz fresh lime juice
2 oz ginger ale soda

Mix all ingredients and serve over cracked ice.
Garnish with fresh lemon lime twists or peach slice.
Be sure to leave me a comment with your clever WARNING label here on this post or hit me up on Social Media.

Your home bar should be more than just Rum & Coke. Follow my Pinterest board for cocktail inspiration.

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