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Year-Round Giving: Popular Pumpkins to Grow

October 22, 2014

Popular Pumpkins to Grow

Pumpkins come in a number of varieties. Every year when I see all the pumpkins on sale I always wish I would have grown them myself. And as always I say, "next year". If you decide to take on growing pumpkins you will need a large enough garden to support them and a lot of sunshine. I have provided links with more information on growing and purchasing the most popular pumpkins for carving, cooking, and decorating.

List of different types of pumpkins: Jack O' Latern
The classic Jack O' Lantern is the best pumpkin for carving and cooking. See growing details and purchasing info at Burpee Gardening

List of different types of pumpkins: White Pumpkin

A beautiful white pumpkin for Fall Decor. This Lumina Pumpkin is great for carving too. Matures faster than the traditional Jack O' Lantern. Growing details & purchase: Burpee Gardening

List of different types of pumpkins: Baby Boo Pumpkin
I love these little pumpkins for Fall decorating inside my house. These little Baby Boo Pumpkins make great accent pieces for your decor. Growing details & purchase: Burpee Gardening

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