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Year-Round Giving: How to Make a Better Tasting Sausage Ball

May 27, 2015

How to Make a Better Tasting Sausage Ball

How to Make a Better Tasting Sausage Ball

Everyone loves the classic sausage ball but, let's be honest they can taste a little bland. I am taking this classic recipe and amplifying the flavors with quality and fresh ingredients.

If you make these for a party. Everyone will be like, "Yes! Sausage Balls". But when they taste them they will say, "This is the best sausage ball I have ever had". The ingredients make all the difference.

How to Make a Better Tasting Sausage Ball

So what exactly did I change? 
1. All dried herbs are changed out with fresh herbs from the garden. (Or produce aisle of the grocery store)
2. We grated quality Parmesan Cheese rather than sprinkling in the kind from a container.
3. We swapped out cheddar cheese for quality Extra Sharp Cheddar. And yes we grated that whole 16 oz. block too.
4. This is really about technique. Before mixing in the Bisquick, mix everything by hand. Really working the cheese and herbs into the sausage. I really like this mixture to be well combined before adding the Bisquick. It distributes the ingredients evenly so every ball tastes the same. When you add the Bisquick work it in by hand also. (Your hands are going to get a good workout from this recipe.)

Everything else in the original recipe stays the same including measurements and cooking time. 

Now that you have read these tips I am sending you over to the Original Recipe on BettyCrocker.com

How to Make Better Tasting Sausage Balls


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