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Year-Round Giving: How to Make Suet Cake

March 04, 2014

How to Make Suet Cake

how to make suet cake

Homemade suet cake is really easy and uses ingredients other than birdseed that you already have on hand.

Homemade Suet Cake is a winter treat for your wild birds. I don't recommend making suet cake beyond the winter months because it will melt in warmer temperatures. See how I turned my Suet Cake feeder into a DIY Nesting Materials Station.

Suet cake ingredients can be versatile and creating different recipes can attract different birds. Research what birds like to eat in your area and add those ingredients.

This suet cake recipe keeps my common backyard birds such as sparrows, chickadees, titmouse, wrens and woodpeckers happy.

1. Rendered beef fat. When I am making a dinner and it calls for ground beef before I season the beef I cook off the fat and drain it into a bowl. Remove any pieces of meat that may have got through your colander.
2. In the beef fat mix in 1 Tbsp corn meal, 1 Tbsp of raw oats,  a handful of chopped fresh apple pieces, 1 cup of birdseed, and 1 dollop of peanut butter.
3. Set mixture into a mold or in a bowl.
4. Cover with cling wrap and refrigerate till fat turns solid. I refrigerate mine overnight.
*Depending on how much beef fat you will need to adjust measurements of ingredients listed above.

 Pictured above: I have just mixed the ingredients. The beef fat is still in liquid form and the mixture is ready to be covered and placed in the fridge.

Here is the suet cake. It came out of the bowl perfectly. Notice the dollop of peanut butter in the middle. 

And sometimes they don't come out perfectly. It is OK the birds like it just the same.  

Place in a Suet Cake Feeder and sit back and enjoy some bird watching. 

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