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Year-Round Giving: How to get your Preschooler to go to School without a Meltdown!

September 07, 2014

How to get your Preschooler to go to School without a Meltdown!

how to get your preschooler to go to school without a meltdown

 School is a new concept for my little 3 year old. The first week he was excited and happily walked into his class. What a relief! Then came Monday of the second week. We pulled into the parking lot and my sweet 3 year old turned into a monster! He didn't want to go to school. Screaming, kicking, hitting all the way up to the front of the school. He latched onto me and even tried to make a run for it. The teacher had to pull him off of me and I had to immediately walk away. Hearing his screams as I walked away broke my heart. The next day it wasn't any better. Ugghhh we can't do this every morning. Does this sound like your mornings? If so, keep reading, there is brilliant light at the end of this short tunnel.

I threatened to take away his favorite toys. It didn't matter to him. He is 3 years old, that concept hasn't sunk in yet. So I changed my game plan. Instead of taking something away from him; he would have to give something to his teacher.

The answer was there in my yard. Flowers! We picked a single flower and I told him that it would be really nice to give it to his teacher. He agreed! We drove to school and as soon as we parked the beginning of a melt down started to erupt. I handed him the flower and said, "Here is the flower you are going to give your teacher". Instant mood changer. He was smelling the flower and smiling. I got him out of the car and with his flower in hand he marched up to the school. We saw his teacher and he stretched out his little hand now walking faster towards her. She was surprised and delighted. He was so proud of himself giving her that gift. He walked right into school with out a problem.

We are now on week 3 and we are still giving the teacher a single flower. It is still working and he is so happily walking into school.

If you don't have flowers then find other things your child can bring to your teacher. I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments. Winter will be here soon!

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