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Year-Round Giving: Spicy Cheese Toast

December 31, 2014

Spicy Cheese Toast

Spicy Cheese Toast

Two things I love are melted cheese and bread. Bubbly melted cheese makes everything better. Right?! Being the cheese lover that I am, I always have a variety of cheese stocked in the fridge.
When the mood hits, I am always prepared to make up something cheesy and delicious. If you are like me you will already have these cheeses in your fridge.

Sliced Italian bread for Spicy Cheese Toast

Let's talk about the bread. I like a soft bread since this is going to get toasted. Pictured is an Italian loaf I picked up from the bakery. A french baguette is fine to use too. This cheese toast is like a pizza without the sauce so you don't want hard crunchy bread.

Spicy Cheese Toast

As I mentioned before, I love cheese! I used the cheese that I had in my fridge. Unfortunately I didn't have any Romano or Provolone. Otherwise I would have added it to the cheese mixture. This recipe is tasty but feel free to change it up a bit.

Spicy Cheese Toast - 3 cheese blend with herbs and spices

Cheese and bread are good but you have to kick it up a notch with herbs and spices. I love Pizza Seasoning. If you don't have Pizza Seasoning you have to get some! I love this stuff. It is a herb blend of Oregano, Basil, Marjoram, and Granulated Garlic. Can't forget the spice. What better than red pepper flakes? I have a huge jar of red pepper flakes and put it on just about everything that calls for a touch of heat.

Spicy Cheese Toast

1 loaf of Italian bread
3 Tbs Butter
4 oz. cream cheese (softened)
4 oz. Mozzarella cheese
2 Tbs grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 tsp pizza seasoning
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes

Slice bread into quarter inch slices.
Spread butter on top of bread slices.
In a mixing bowl mix together remaining ingredients.
Spread mixture on the top of the bread slices and place on a cookie sheet.
Bake cheese bread for 5 minutes at 350F.
Turn your oven on to broil and broil on high for 3 minutes. This time can vary just keep an eye on your toast so they don't burn. This step gives you those burned cheese bubbles. As soon as they appear pull the tray out of the oven.

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Spicy Cheese Toast



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